Friday, January 2, 2015

My Simple Philosophy

Hello my dears!!

Todays post will be in English instead of Russian :-)
A little practice of my language skills. 
(Hope you will understand me ;-) 

In the past I had some periods when I was feeling lost and abandoned..
To get up I started to clean up myself within...but nothing seams to change, it started to get worse..
I realised that something that I was doing was working agains me.

Then one evening I remembered that ones I heard about Law of Attraction .. so I checked it in Internet..and I felt such a releve..I could finnaly understand why my methods didn't work.

So this beautiful evening I would like to tell you about three Divine Laws that works for me.

  • First one is the Law of Attraction that brings things to you that match your vibration. Like attracts like. We have to develop the control of our own thoughts. Thought have a great power and can do anything. The stronger the thoughts, the earlier the fructification.We are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to (Sanaya Roman)

When I was paying attention how lost I was everybody around me talked about their misfortune, broken lifes etc.
Deeply inside I was hoping to found somebody that I can laugh together, not complain. But even this wonderful though was tined by sadeness (why I didn't find yet this person).

One day on the street a little girl approached to me and sad "You have such pretty straight hair!" :-)
I was truly flattered :-)
Since then I started to pay close attention on all the countless beauty around me.
I broke my negative thoughts circle.
I feel happy :-) .

  • Second one is the Law of Deliberate Creation.

We are creating life through our thoughts and emotions. Pay close attention to them before you act, they affect choices and decisions you take, and the reality you experience. Actions crate reactions. Always choose the path of more light!
Honor everyone you deal with :-)

I had mornings were my head was somewhere else since I woke up...
I was  like a zombie doing things mechanically while thinking about something extremely important.
I went to the grocery store, when I waked out I asked my self what was wearing the woman at the cash desk. And I couldn't answer. I felt terrible, because truly say those things I was thinking about weren't vitally important that I can't hold them for some time and be present.

  • Third one is the Law of Allowing.

Urge works against us. We have to allow the Universe to bring to us what we want. We have to put ourselves into a state of openness and non-resistance to everything and everyone.

:-) ahaha
For me this is the more difficult law to follow.
I'm so impatient...
I can't do anything about that..
Now I don't desire anything special, I'm happy with what I have :-) :-)

I tried to make a wire bow ring from Pinterest DIY :-) And I painted it with a nail polish :-)

I love pink nails, so girly :-) :-)

xoxo :-)

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